Montessori toys for babies

The must-haves

Selection of essential materials that every baby should have. From birth to the first year. Although you will find that many of them have a longer shelf life and will pass from one stage to the next. Because… a ball is a ball!

Desde el nacimiento hasta el primer año de vida, el bebé investiga su mundo a través del tacto, el olfato, el gusto, la vista y el oído. Nurture your little one with endless cuddles and watch his personality come alive and your relationship with him grow with every laugh and playtime. Let these materials engage his interest and imagination and give him endless entertainment. Your little one will guide you along the way while you offer support and develop their senses. Together you will see the world in a new and fascinating way.

From the Montessori baby kit, the treasure basket, colorful teething toys, rattles and lots of toys for your baby to grow while developing his senses.