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Since 2015

Montessori, Waldorf and Pikler materials to meet baby’s early needs


At MamáLUZ we offer you materials inspired by pedagogies such as Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Waldorf and Pikler, which help our children understand the world better and facilitate their personal development.

We believe that there are enough alternatives and educational resources so that our children are not exposed to so many screens, and we started the MamáLUZ project in 2014 with the light boxes, introducing other ways to promote the creativity and imagination of the little ones. In addition, we continue to expand the catalog of translucent materials to work on the light box, providing new resources for both families and schools.

We have developed a whole line of materials to meet the needs of new arrivals, starting with the Montessorique kit that helps develop the baby’s psychic and motor skills. You will also find a selection of products for the baby such as breastfeeding necklaces, wooden and natural rubber teethers, Montessori and Pikler balls, baskets and treasure sacks, pacifier holders, Montessori cottage bed, dream catchers, textiles …

At MamáLUZ we are committed to handcrafted, local and unique work, providing quality materials at affordable prices. Little by little we are adding more and better materials that respect the development of the little ones.

MamáLUZ since 2015


“In the child, even in the baby there is by nature an inexhaustible and growing interest in the world and in itself” Emmi Pikler

Help him do it on his own. Our toys accompany and stimulate their development

Toys inspired by Pikler and Waldorf pedagogy that stimulate their sensory activity.

Catalog of handcrafted toys made of wood and natural materials. No toxic elements


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